“It has been said that a top quality golf course has all three characteristics of woods, wind and water.” – Lawrence Packard, Course Designer

All three factor in to give Chaska a nice balance and provide the golfer with a unique set of challenges throughout the course.

Par 3 Hole #8

“Chaska Golf Course has an abundance of features which place the course in a superior position with relation to all others:

  • All of the holes are of different length, which requires the use of every club in the bag.
  • Each set of 9 holes is balanced with two Par 3s, five Par 4s and two Par 5s. The back nine is slightly longer.
  • Every green is of different size, shape and contour, in relation to the length of the approach shot.
  • The Par 5s are easy pars to make but hard birdies because of bunkers requiring the approach to be made right or left.
  • The bunkers are of sufficient size and location to require playing the fairway centers, and are all visible.

From the design viewpoint, I would say that Chaska is one of my top fifteen courses, primarily because of the design factors mentioned above.”

Larry Packard, Packard Incorporated
Course Designer

Chaska Golf Course, with many years of combined customer service and golf operations, is comprised of a diverse group of people. We are fortunate to have a staff that truly enjoys what they do and knows how to make a difference in your golf experience. We are committed to providing our golfing guests with a premier golf experience which will make your decision to return to Chaska an easy choice.

Brad ReifsnyderManager of Golf Operations
JC FenzlAssistant Manager
Jamie RitchieSuperintendent
Ron OtrodovicIrrigation Specialist
Ron Aper • Mechanic